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Let us help you beat foreclosure! Whether you want to keep your home or get out of your mortgage without the black eye of a foreclosure and bankruptcy, we can help.

Remember, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Almost all foreclosures are due to economic or financial problems that were out of your control.

Banks and mortgage companies typically will not help, but we can. We are a team of Real Estate professionals and investors who know the Utah laws and opportunities affored to your family. We have helped hundreds of people in your same situation.

Best of all, there is no cost to you for our services...EVER.

"In the mid 2000's during the Real Estate boom I owned numerous properties. As the mortgage crisis hit, I found myself unable to sell, keep tenants, and was facing foreclosure. That's when I called Juston. Even though I knew Real Estate, he educated me and provided numerous options I was unaware of. Ultimately we were able to negotiate 2 short sales and I avoided foreclosure. If you are in a similar circumstance, find Juston and don't wait too long."

Russell Jeffs

You Have Options, but you need to Act Now

Options like Short Sale, Loan Modification, Investor Liens, & Debt Forgiveness

Many homeowners have the misconception that if they are late on their mortgage payments and unable to continue paying their mortgage, foreclosure and bankruptcy are inevitable. The reality is there are many options to foreclosure which can put you on the road to financial recovery much faster. No matter what your situation, J.Puchar & Associates can provide the answers you need to recover from this difficult challenge. Contact us today for a free consultation. Staying in the dark and allowing the bank or court to determine your fate is the worst thing you can do.

Why is the consultation free?

We work with homeowners, lenders, investors and Realtors to construct the best possible outcome to a mortgage in default. With our help, you and your lender can agree to a solution that benefits both of you far better than a foreclosure. We receive payment or commission from these other parties or services when an agreeable solution is found. Since it all hinges on your decision, our primary obligation is to you.

The longer you wait, the fewer the options.

Alternatives to bankruptcy and foreclosure include Short Sale, Loan Modification, Investor Liens, and Debt Forgiveness. Learn about these options in regards to your specific situation with our free, no obligation consultation.

Hello, I am Juston Puchar, founder of J.Puchar & Associates. I personally guarranty our commitment to helping you understand your options. Each situation is unique. Some lenders are eager to help, while others need coaxing. Timing, individual circumstances, your wishes, and other factors can determine which solution is best for you. Unfortunately some options are only available during a certain window of time. Don't wait to get the answers and options you need to make the best decision.

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You've been so great! Thanks for listening and helping us sort through what needed to be done along the way.


We met with Juston who handled our needs with "White Gloves", he was not only knowledable, helpful, but most of all extremely kind!!!


I would recommend Juston to all of my family and friends, as well as strangers if I had the chance!!! Thank-You! Juston we feel you are #1!!!!!!